The complete guide to social media failures

Cops furious over de Blasio lawyer's apology tweet to 'chokehold' victim
New York Post
A top de Blasio administration lawyer infuriated cops by tweeting about how the city failed NYPD “chokehold” victim Eric Garner — even as the investigation into his death remains open. “RIP Eric Garner,” wrote Ian Bassin, a deputy counsel who earns ...

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Jason Biggs' Apology: Will The Actor Tone It Down?
When does a joke stop being funny and instead turns into something downright offensive? Those that saw actor Jason Biggs' Twitter feed got an idea of what that would be after his comments regarding the Malaysia Airlines tragedy last week. Following the ...


Man booted from Southwest flight over tweet calling agent rude
It was at this point the agent returned and asked him to de-board the flight, saying his tweet felt threatening and that he had to delete it in order to get back on the flight. He deleted it was allowed back on the flight. Southwest has responded to ...

Tech Times

Twitter update lets users read and delete all direct messages easily
Tech Times
Direct messages, or DMs, are complicated by social networking standards. Unlike Facebook, where even strangers can reach out to send private messages, there are rules that are in play with Twitter DMs. A person can only send a direct message to a ...

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Malaysians accept Wall Street Journal reporter's apology over mocking tweet
The Star Online
PETALING JAYA: Taking a leaf out of road-bully victim Uncle Sim's book, Malaysians have accepted the apology of Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reporter Paul Sonne over his mockery of the Malaysian delegation to Ukraine's command of English.

Sydney Morning Herald

Family kicked off Southwest Airlines flight over Twitter complaint
Sydney Morning Herald
Southwest Airlines confirmed the family was asked to leave the plane after the confrontation and tweet, but was ultimately allowed to board the flight. But Watson was asked to delete the tweet first, and he complied, he said. Watson told CBS that the ...

Minn. man asked to leave Southwest flight over tweet
A supervisor was called, and the family was allowed back on the plane, but only after Watson agreed to delete his tweet. "We get bounced off the plane, and it turns into a completely different situation and escalated for reasons that are quite honestly ...

AP's Botched Tweet Is Reminder Twitter Needs to Address Corrections
On Twitter, the options to correct or clarify a tweet after it has been posted are far more limited. You can delete the original tweet, but this may be viewed as an effort to conceal a mistake, and it does nothing to clarify the error to those who have ...

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I Don't Want Your Apology. I Want You to Think Before You Tweet.
Huffington Post
There are so many celebrities who have apologized on Twitter, or in general. There are the half-assed apologies (we've all experienced those) that somehow manage to still count. You have to watch what you say, watch what you wear, watch what you text ...

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Tepid apology by British MP for tweet condoning Gaza rockets
A British Liberal Democrat MP who tweeted that he would probably fire a rocket at Israel if he lived in Gaza has issued what his party, the Liberal Democrats, maintained was a "categorical apology." In a post that appeared on his Twitter feed Tuesday ...

Family kicked off Southwest Airlines flight over negative tweet
Kimberly S, gate C39, not happy @SouthwestAir,'” Watson said. According to WCCO, his family was asked to de-board because the agent felt her safety was threatened because of the tweet. Watson says he was forced to delete the tweet. He deleted it and ...

Family Asked To Leave Southwest Flight After Tweet
CBS Local
Watson says he was forced to delete the tweet. “She said, 'You can't board the plane unless you delete that tweet,'” Watson said. Southwest Airlines sent a statement which confirmed that a customer was removed for a short time and continued on to ...

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